With its patent-pending innovation, Anton Debatin GmbH now facilitates a higher degree of “external” automation for laboratories. DEBAMED® Speci-Sorb improves the product properties of the DEBAMED® Speci-Bags, as the legally required absorbent lining is now already integrated into the ADR-compliant, flexible, waterproof-certified secondary packaging. Up until now, absorbent liners had to be inserted into this packaging manually. 

“We are thus reducing the workload on the highly qualified laboratory staff who would otherwise have to waste time preparing transportation materials; this time could be put to much better use with other tasks,” says Debatin CEO Thomas Rose, explaining the most recent product innovation from the packaging specialists based in southern Germany. 

The benefits of the DEBAMED® Speci-Sorb product features are obvious: 

  • More safety and peace of mind, because nothing can be forgotten when transporting samples in accordance with packaging instruction P650 and the ADR requirements for “exempt human specimens” and “exempt animal specimens” 
  • More hygiene to protect your laboratory and logistics staff, because nothing can leak out any more 
  • More financial savings, because one step in the sample transportation process is no longer necessary 
  • More sustainable sample transportation, because the majority of the packaging goes into recycling 
  • More efficiency during transportation, due to a smaller volume 

In this way, Anton Debatin GmbH also helps to reduce the risk that alternative, non ADR-compliant solutions will be used. You can read more about why this is so important in our highly popular white paper, available at https://go.debatin.de/DEBATIN_DEBAMED_P650_Whitepaper_request

Also, thanks to the coating in the flexible secondary packaging, the shipment volume is reduced when transporting biological samples. “Particularly in the light of increased use of drones in the medical logistics sector, this is an extremely important factor,” explains Thomas Rose. In the context of drone transportation, Anton Debatin GmbH is working closely with German Copters DLS GmbH, whose CEO, Holger Schulze, gave DEBATIN a shout-out in an interview: “The medical logistics chain involves transporting dangerous goods. We’ve been working with a specialist in this sector, Bruchsal-based Anton Debatin, for over a year to develop solutions tailored to drone transportation. I can confidently say that we have now got the safest solution, probably in the world, for transporting dangerous substances by drone.” 

(Source – German:https://daskrankenhaus.de/thema/im-gespraech-mit-holger-schulze-ceo-german-copters-dls-gmbh)

Über Anton Debatin GmbH – Member of DERIBA Group

Anton Debatin GmbH was founded in 1923. Today, the third generation of the family-run business based in Bruchsal, together with its French subsidiaries Debatin and L.E.S.S. France in Hoenheim, are proud to be among the market leaders in the sector. As a company specialising in the development and production of safe, secure and customised packaging solutions for transportation, shipping and logistics, DEBATIN is known for its expertise, experience, flexibility, quality and an excellent all-round customer service. The entire company and its product range are carbon-neutral.

DEBATIN is a founding member of the DERIBA Group. With a total global turnover of more than € 100 million per annum and more than 400 employees, the Group ranks amongst the 15 leading European companies for flexible packaging solutions.

Firmenkontakt und Herausgeber der Meldung:

Anton Debatin GmbH – Member of DERIBA Group
Vichystr., 6
76646 Bruchsal
Telefon: 072518009737
Telefax: +49 (7251) 8009-199

Fabienne Alizada
Project Management Marketing
Telefon: +49 (7251) 8009-738
Fax: +49 (7251) 8009-739
E-Mail: fabienne.alizada@debatin.de
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