With 163 million packs in 2018, household cleaners ranked third among the best-selling cleaning agents (after dishwashing detergents and sink stones). This was determined by the market research company Nielsen in the summer of 2019.

Up until now, cleaning agents were essential to keep windows, bathrooms and kitchens clean. Now there is a way to avoid these polluting, harsh chemicals altogether.

Sustainable cleaning agents are in demand

One in five Germans now attach great importance to the sustainability of the products when buying cleaning, care and cleaning agents (22 percent). That is why sustainable cleaning agents with a seal of approval are preferred in drugstores and hypermarkets.

There have recently been start-ups that offer sustainable cleaning agents that you can refill or manufacture yourself. To do this, the founders collect money through investment rounds. You want to professionalize the change to more sustainability and get a place on the shelf of the large retail chains.

With CeNano, water is sufficient for cleaning

The Upper Bavarian company CeNano is going one step further and in a different way. Their Nanotol products ensure a dirt-repellent surface that can remain clean without any cleaning agents. Only water is needed for cleaning, making even sustainable cleaning agents superfluous.

The classic distribution via wholesalers and retailers is completely dispensed with. Nanotol products are only sold online (D2C – direct to customer). The reason for this gives Dipl.-Ing. Mike Friedrich, the founder of CeNano, suggests that selling through intermediaries makes the price unnecessarily expensive. By buying directly from the manufacturer, the consumer gets a better price-performance ratio.

How does Nanotol work?

Nanotol sealing places an invisible nanopolymer protective layer on the surface. This means that dirt or limescale can no longer adhere firmly and can therefore be removed with water. The Nanotol concept provides for a one-time basic coating, which can then be refreshed with a care product sooner or later, depending on the use. A window sealed with Nanotol can easily be cleaned with water for several years without cleaning agents.

The savings for the environment are drastically higher as a result. In addition, Nanotol is easily biodegradable and harmless to humans, animals and the environment. Nanotol products can be used on all surfaces. Starting with the sanitary area with shower glass and bathroom ceramics, through vehicles with car paint and rims to the household area with winter gardens and furniture.

Convenient solution

Nanotol is in line with the spirit of the times and could also relieve the market for cleaning aids, because this is currently growing so strongly that the demand can hardly be met. Surfaces sealed with Nanotol stay clean longer due to the dirt-repellent effect and are cleaned much faster because the dirt cannot adhere. A time saving that even makes a cleaner superfluous.

Über die CeNano GmbH & Co. KG

CeNano develops, produces and markets sustainable cleaning agents. In addition to economic goals, environmental protection and social responsibility are at the forefront of product development.

CeNano gives surfaces a protective coating that reduces soiling and enables cleaning without surfactants. This relieves water pollution, preserves the feel and value of the surface, and saves time.

Contact information:
Website for tradesmen: www.cenano.de
Web store for end users: www.nanotol.de

Firmenkontakt und Herausgeber der Meldung:

CeNano GmbH & Co. KG
Paul-Huber-Str. 5
84405 Dorfen
Telefon: +49 (8081) 952-530
Telefax: +49 (8081) 952531-11

Dipl.-Ing. Mike Friedrich
Geschäftsführender Inhaber Gesellschafter
Telefon: +49 (8081) 952530
Fax: +49 (8081) 95253111
E-Mail: info@cenano.de
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